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Date: Monday, 02 March 2015 09:30 - 16:30

Venue: Hopwood Village Hall Redditch Road Birmingham West Midlands B48 7AL  |  City: Alvechurch, United Kingdom


Limited places still available on Diploma course starting May 11th


1 day intro to tai chi for patient Rehabilitation

Tai Chi for rehab promotes strength and increased flexibility of the muscles and joints, as well as improved balance in clients who are at risk of falling. Its gentle flowing nature aids relaxation of the mind and body whilst improving agility, proprioception and kinaesthetic awareness.

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The most well known and quoted study is the Wolf study which states general exercise reduce risks of falls by 10%. Specialised training reduces risks by 25%. Tai Chi reduces risks of falls by 47%

Our program continues to evolve and was first delivered to PCT staff in 1995 so is clearly well tested.

One day introduction

The aim of the one day workshop is to introduce you to the program we have been successfully delivering for many years; you will have the oportunity to learn a chi-kung set, look at how tai chi enhances balance and proprioception and above all, is suitable for ALL levels of fitness. From there you may decide to build your training by attending the 8 day Diploma course which we run once per year.

The 8 day course is delivered in sections:

  • section 1 - 4 days (2+2) - this will give you the basis for running tai chi rehab classes for a range of medical conditions
  • section 2 - 2 days - this first follow-up at 3 months will review the intial work, how your classes are running and teach further aspects of the program
  • section 3 - 2 days - this final section at a further 3 months will again review work to date plus add the balance of the training
  • annual CPD's - these will ensure continued development and support

The program combines both seated and standing tai chi and chi-kung (breathing exercises), plus the application of NLP & CBT to deal with psycological aspects of the condition; dealing with peoples fears of falling and reoccurance of their condition (phobic/anxiety response), plus their motivations ensure lasting change that can be rarely gained by exercise alone.


Example areas where the training is currently used are:

Falls prevention

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Failure

Pulmonary rehab (COPD)

Chronic pain and neuropathy

Chronic Fatigue (CFS/ME)

Mental Health

Eating disorders

And more…


In this one day workshop we will look to answer all your questions regarding application and impact with your patient group plus give you the opportunity to experience both seated and standing tai chi and chi-kung (qigong)

The price per person for the 1 day introduction is £85


To book your place(s) please click and pay via the Paypal link below or request a booking form via email or phone Mark on 0121 251 6172




0121 251 6172
Hopwood Village Hall Redditch Road Birmingham West Midlands B48 7AL
Alvechurch, United Kingdom




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  • Monday, 02 March 2015 09:30 - 16:30