eating disordersEating Disorders

We are contacted regularly by people who, like you, are asking for help to overcome an eating disorder. Many people think that hypnotherapy NLP and CBT are only for people to lose weight but the truth is the wider area of eating disorders can and do benefit even more from these forms of therapeutic interventions.

According to the NHS website

 Eating disorders are characterised by an abnormal attitude towards food that causes someone to change their eating habits and behaviour.

Yet the site and support only seem to focus on three main areas:

  • Anorexia Nervosa – the aim is to keep weight as low as possible by starvation and over-exercise.
  • Bulimia - weight control by binge eating and then deliberately vomiting or using laxatives.
  • Binge Eating – feels compelled to over eat.

The media doesn't help...

The TV seems to have picked up on another category and in typical media fashion, have given it the name ‘FREAKY EATERS’. Which is hardly a helpful label for the many people out there who are finding it extremely difficult to eat certain foods and/or food combinations.

You may be amazed to find out that we receive calls on a virtual weekly basis, from both men and women, who can’t eat vegetables, or meat, or cheese, or carbs, or… well the list just goes on….

But we can help...

Our aim at the West Midlands Hypnotherapy Centre is to help you gain back the control so that you can choose much more freely what you want to eat.

Rather than call it ‘an eating disorder’ how about you consider it as ‘disordered eating’ where eating habits have gotten out of order and the thoughts and beliefs surrounding certain foods is no longer of use to you.

Your unconscious mind always does the best for you with the information it has but sometimes this information can get skewed and have a negative impact. If for a moment we consider the brain as a really powerful computer running programs all of the time then maybe the program it has been running around food has gotten corrupted or out-of-date so needs an updated. Your brain is a powerful tool but like all tools it needs to be maintained, this is where we can help.

We will help you learn to relax and gain back the freedom to choose.

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